Husband and Wife Song Writing Team

Timothy Williams grew up in North Carolina, his wife Sarah on the North Shore of Chicago. Her music exposure was the Great American Songbook as her dad sang and played the piano when she was a young girl. Tim grew up listening to classic country while his uncles worked on cars. “My parents said I was drawn to music from a very young age,” Tim recalled. “They said I’d hear music and be almost mesmerized.”

In his later high school years, Tim got a guitar and took to it right away, eventually playing out in public in his late teens and into college. Although no one in his family played music, Tim says, “They supported me all the same.”

Sarah relocated in her 30s to North Carolina as a career move. Tim was working for the postal service by day, and sharing his musical talents with folks in the night life scene after work and on weekends. The two met on a dating site in 2007, and Sarah recalls previewing his music before they went on their first date. “I didn’t want to pretend to like something,” she mused. “And fortunately I did like his music, and I liked him once I met him too, so it was all good.”

Early in their relationship Tim shared a half finished song with Sarah while she waited in the car for him to run an errand. When he returned, she had finished the song. “When I looked at it, it really fit well with what I had before,” he recalled. “It was one of those ‘hmmm’ moments.”

These days Tim and Sarah enjoy writing songs together often; Tim providing the melodies and the two of them sharing the lyrical duties. It’s an effective pairing that has provided rich songwriting depth.

Tim’s new CD, Dreaming Small, is deep in story content. For instance, the song, “Down Low,” about a coal miners desire for a better life for his children, was a 2019 IBMA Songwriter Showcase selection. The other four original cuts are equally compelling.

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