Jay Elle

Guitarist Jay Elle is a singer and a songwriter. And while he writes a lot of pop style songs, and is often billed as pop singer/songwriter, he says his songs are a bit on the mellow side these days. Jay suggests that you could classify him as more of an urban-folk musician. “I play a nylon string Ovation guitar which gives me a fairly unique sound,” he said recently.

The upper-west New York city musician says that although no one in his family was in the music business, he was surround by music as far back as he can remember. “The radio was on all the time when I was growing up and of course plenty of television shows with music too,” he said.

“Some of the songs I heard gave me great energy, and made me feel like I could do anything. I became very curious about music. How does that happen – how does music do that to you? And that feeling is what I wanted to replicate with my music and songwriting,” he said. “I wanted to pass that feeling along to others. And I thought it would be great to write that kind of music, to give people that kind of positive energy.”

Jay eventually attended the Conservatory Of Music in Geneva Switzerland for a while before going to New York. It was there where he was able to join different bands and begin to do things in the music world as well as focusing on his personal career.

Jay is seeing some regional success with his new EP, and single, “Ease Up.” “It has been well received by fans and at a number of radio stations,” he said. “I am grateful when someone spends three or four minutes listening to my song. Time is the most precious commodity we have. I do my best not to waste the time someone grants me by striving to be the best writer, singer, and guitar player I can be.”

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