Nylon Strings and a World of Possibilities

Zack Walther was a child of the 80s. When given the choice of band, choir, or art in elementary school, on the advice of his best friend at the time, they chose choir. “I was in it from then on,” he said. Zack grew up singing in the school choir and learning to play piano by ear on his brother’s upright piano. As a teenager in the 90’s, he was into rock and roll like many, and already singing in bands. “I became enamored with that life style, and became passionate about playing, and have been ever sense,” he recalled.

Already a developing musician, Zach found his father’s old nylon-string classical guitar hiding in the attic which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. When he was 13, his folks bought him a basic electric guitar and a little Crate amp. Two years later, they surprised him on Christmas with his first quality acoustic guitar. “I played all through Christmas day,” he remembered.

When Zack went to college, he enrolled in a program called SRT, Sound Recording Technology, which taught engineering skills for recording music. “I needed to have an instrument of study, so that instrument for me was voice,” he said. Although classically trained vocally, it wasn’t the path he wanted to pursue.

Music has always been a full time pursuit though. “If I didn’t have to have a full time, or part time job, that was the goal,” Zack said. “When you’re young you can sacrifice with low paying gigs and driving at all hours of the night.” Zack got married in 2010 and started a family. “When responsibilities change, so do the strategies. You adapt if this is what you want to do.”

“I’ve always played in bands and toured, even through college. I started making records in 2001. They weren’t the greatest, but I think they’ve gotten a lot better with time, and I’m really proud of where we’re at today in releasing The Westerner, which is our latest CD,” he said. That CD releases October, 25th.

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