Songwriter Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons grew up in San Antonio, Texas surrounded by the rich Texas music heritage. But he was more interested in sports until late in high school when he and a coach came to an impasse. “I do things because I enjoy doing them, and it was obvious sports weren’t going to be my thing anymore, so I began to wonder what my new hobby would be,” Jeremy recalled.

When he was younger, his parents bought him a starter guitar and tried to get him interested in music. “I was such an outdoor kid that it just didn’t appeal to me at the time,” he said. “But I found that guitar sitting around my house when I was 17, and I thought, ‘well let’s give this a shot.’ It was just the right time. I got extremely addicted to it, and the only world that existed was playing that guitar.”

In about eight months, Jeremy went from mastering the guitar to beginning to add singing to his new found passion. “An English project came along in my senior year that I was struggling with,” he said. “My dad said, ‘why don’t you try writing a song?’ So I did. And it became this cool segue into realizing that I also had a natural understanding of song structure. It was like was a domino effect. Eventually I was writing 10 songs a week sometimes.”

He took his new found talents to an open mic night. “I was nervous of course, so I decided that if they didn’t like me, it would be a sign. Instead they said, ‘hey, you should play another one.’ They hadn’t done that with anyone else that night, so I figured there might be something to this. By the time I looked up and saw what was happening I was completely infatuated with it and didn’t ever want to do anything else.”

When Jeremy turned 21, he moved to Nashville for 10 years and began a career of writing songs for a living. “I had a lot of regular, normal, human growth in that city. It will always feel like home to me. But eventually it was time to move back, and you have to be honest with yourself about that. That’s always been one of the cool things about being from Texas. If you go to another city to try music, you can always come home and do the same thing you’ve been doing.”

Jeremy’s first new single since returning home, “Tragedy,” was released in May, 2020.  His next single, “Good Ole Days,” was released in July, 2020. His new album, Things To Come, released in January 2021.

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