The Good Ones Can Sing ‘Em Too

Daryl Mosley may be from a small town in Tennessee, but this Waverly native is no small time artist. Throughout the 90s, he toured as the lead vocalist for the bluegrass group, New Tradition before joining the Osborne Brothers in 2001. In 2010 he helped form the quickly celebrated grass act, The Farm Hands. Now, in 2020 Daryl takes the helm as band leader for his own new solo project.

Daryl heralds the community he’s from as advantageous. “We’re about an hour from Nashville and an hour from Jackson, so our community still has the hometown feel about it,” he said. “Things haven’t changed that much around here – very Mayberry like – a peaceful place to headquarter from.”

Daryl’s mom sang and played guitar when he was a kid, and he credits her influence as waking up the musician in him. “When I was an early teenager, I started learning to play on her guitar,” he recalled. “The other thing we have in our little county here is Loretta Lynn’s ranch. I even went to school in first grade with her twin daughters. When I was a teenager, I went to work out at her ranch; that was my first taste of being on stage and learning how to be in front of an audience.”

Daryl recalls a conversation with Loretta one day that charted the course of his future. “She said to me; ‘Darlin’ do you write songs?’ To which I said no. and she said, ‘Well honey, you need to learn to write. A lot of people can sing ‘em, but the good ones can write ‘em too.”

“I’ll never forget that,” he said. “And at that point I started really pursuing the craft, and learning what makes a good song. And that truly changed my life.”

The Secret of Life, Daryl’s first solo record, is out now on Pinecastle Records. It is an impressive collection of originals, served up pure and honest; A collection of authentic short stories told from the heart of a seasoned song writer

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