Hello Hello

There’s not doubt, the music business worldwide has been changed forever. It’s a commonly held belief that music is a universal language. Music can speak when no other language can. That language has been interrupted, for a time, by the pandemic, and its delivery methods are still being challenged today.

During the lock down in Australia and New Zealand in 2020, a group of award winning and ARIA charting music artists started writing together over Zoom, dubbing themselves The Eyes Open. They are a collective of talented writers, lyricists, musicians, performers, film makers, and producers, stepping up to share their thoughts on the basic human story at this time in history. They have a strong belief that the music of a particular generation defines its culture while simultaneously delivering it into a new era of political and social change.

The interruption that the covid 19 lock downs brought to careers and businesses afforded the collective the time to create, express, and produce, at a time when the business of music across the planet was changed for good. The initial results produced the song, “Hello Hello,” exploring the somewhat comical absurdities that exist in our modern world today. It is a vehicle for exploring hope in a, what so many fear, is a looming dystopia, while offering an infectious and toe tapping sanguine vision for a post-covid world.

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