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The New Upside Down

This was supposed to be my best musical year; my biggest tour schedule, the most packed songwriting workshops, the year I padded my songwriting partnerships with new co-writers. Well, I am living proof that the best laid plans can be overturned by the will of the world. Since March of 2020, I have watched with horror as all of my ...

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Writing Slowly

This time of Covid, which is how I will always think of these days, has slowed everything down to the old days. The old days meaning a past I never lived until now. Part of me is very thankful for this time. I’ve been cooking every night, no going out to a restaurant or grabbing some fast food. To keep ...

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Holding On To Every Little Memory

By Donna Ulisse Every single day that I draw breath is one more glorious opportunity to observe life. These moments are little drops of gold, and I try not to squander or take for granted the chance to collect memories and song scrap. My husband and I are selling our beloved wee palace and moving to the outskirts of Nashville ...

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