Tom Galloway; Wreckage

Singer-songwriter, Tom Galloway, was born in Georgia, and raised in Texas, where he caught the music bug and gigged his way through college. He eventually found himself in a touring band called Mama’s Love, a musical extension of those college days. As lead singer, and principal songwriter, Tom began honing his love and talent into a unique blend of expression and storytelling with the group.

In 2014, the band made their way into the studio to cut an album of original material, initially titled, Stone Farm Redemption. But before the project could see the light of day, the band split, and the nearly completed tracks hit the shelves, and the guys went about their perspective lives – with Tom moving to Nashville to pursue his songwriting.

Fast forward to 2020, and the beginning of the pandemic, Tom uncovers a dusty hard drive that contained all the tracks intended for that album. “Out of nostalgia and curiosity, I opened up the tracks and realized how they’d stood the test of time,” Tom said. “I saw an opportunity to finish the album. We salvaged the basic tracks and booked studio time to finish the project.”

The end result is his latest CD now titled, Wreckage. “We found an interesting blend between all the parts and the players; the old and new,” Tom said. “There are actually four different lead guitarists throughout this record. In the same song you can hear an electric guitar from 2014, and an acoustic guitar from 2020.”

“It has ended up being a massive collection of some of my favorite players and best friends, and I’m very proud that these songs can finally be heard in their completed form.”

Tom said it’s a real relief to finally get this project finished and out for everyone to hear. “I always wished we could have released this, so it’s good to finally see it completed.” Now Tom sets his sights, as he exclaims; “to focus on my next set of favorite songs and get back into the studio.”

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