Welcome To The Gravel Church

Kristian Montgomery works in the construction industry, when he’s not out sharing his music. Although he was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, when he was a young boy, his family moved to New England where his dad worked as a fisherman.

He spent some time living with his grandparents, where he went to church with his grandmother. “That’s where I got exposed to music and capitalism,” he laughed. “My Reverend was a former professional tenor for the Boston Pops – He had an amazing voice – he walked past me during one of the services and heard me singing next to my grandmother, and suggested that I sing in the choir. My grandmother would bribe me five dollars for singing a solo – to help me get my confidence of course,” Kristian said.

Kristian recalled a moment when he was a little older, after singing The Lord’s Prayer; “I just remember opening my eyes and seeing a lady just staring at me, and realizing that I was onto something,” he quipped.

Kristian never looked back after that moment, honing his singing and songwriting craft on his way to being nominated for the Boston Music Award for best male vocalist, as a rock singer. He traveled to Nicaragua, and then to Denmark, the home land of his father, as he chased life and continued to develop his music. Coming back home again, life threw Kristian a few curve balls, but even those impacted the direction of his music.

He commented about that season of life recently; “When your world is taken away, it’s like watching a ship sail further and further away from you. You’re far apart, but if you put your feet in the water you’re still connected.”

His new CD, The Gravel Church, started out as a five song EP, bur quickly evolved into a 16 song album of reflection, understanding and healing. It’s been said recently, that Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill band represent, “everything that country and rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be.”