Curio Pluska

Chris Pluska and his band Curio have been playing to crowds at juke joints, dives and clubs in and around Chicago, IL since 2009. Their music has been dubbed “hell-raisin’, soul-shakin’ rock n’ roll,” It is steeped in southern gothic lore by way of the Midwest. “I feel like it’s very swampy,” Chris told me. You can hear the growl of Chicago blues, the low-down and dirty swamp rock of Louisiana and the twang of Tennessee country, in every lick.

Chris says his parents raised him around music his whole life and started him in guitar lessons pretty early, but the fever “didn’t really kick in until middle school,” he said. “I was in and out of a bunch of different bands until I got out of high school, and then Curio really got going.”

The band’s line-up has changed over the years, but the current gang has been together since 2012. Chris says his music is a full time venture “as much as it can be,” for him personally, although the other guys in the band still have daytime pursuits. “I’m always promoting and always booking, and we try to play out as much as we can. I did start doing some solo stuff last year to fill in the gaps though.”

Chris said he feels like their latest CD, Tall Tales, captures the band “as honestly as possible. This group has been together for over three years and I feel like we’ve really gotten to know each well, and that showed up in the studio and on the CD.”

The approach to this CD was different too. “For this one, we just went into the studio and basically recorded it live. We didn’t overdub too much. It was just mostly hit record, and whatever was the best take, we used,” Chris said.
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