Matthew Fox

Minneapolis, MN is home for Americana singer/songwriter Matthew Fox for about the last 17 years. Originally from Georgia, Matt grew up in Texas where he discovered his musical chops.

Matt says his parents were huge music fans. “Mom was always singing around the house, and dad was like the quintessential listener. He’s the reason people like me have jobs,” he quipped. “He would bring me and my friends in from outside and put the needle back on the record he had been listening to and play fifteen seconds of a song and say, ‘now that’s cool music.’ They were always taking me to concerts when I was growing up too.”

That influence led Matt to pluck around on his mom’s guitar solidifying even more his interest in playing music. At 14, he got his very own guitar, and as Matt puts it, “things took off from there.”

Matt was in and out of a few casual bands but says he really didn’t take music seriously until he was in college. “When I was in my early twenties I started doing shows for money. I would literally just take any job I could get. Anything that would get me on stage – it was a blast.”

Like many working musicians, Matt says he’s “worked a million jobs to keep doing this one full time,” he laughed. “I’ve been fortunate that the day jobs would let me off to play my music at night.”

Matt has just released his fourth CD, That Crooked Stage. It’s a culmination of several years of writing and traveling throughout the US, UK, and Scandinavia. The new music reflects the years of incubation and shows Matt’s songwriting in a new light with a full band performing behind him. The 11 unreleased tracks show the broad influences of blues, rock, classic country, and even the tradition of Texas story telling.
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