Monthly Archives: June 2019

Small Town Therapy

Leif Karlstrom and Adam Roszkiewicz, two members of the award-winning progressive roots grass band Front Country, combine to explore a duo side project known as Small Town Therapy. The two friends and musicians have created a “genre-bending music” that blends acoustic jazz and classical-influenced original compositions into a new adventure in string music. Their new 13 track record, Dreams and Circumstances, is ...

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New Grass Inspired

Scott Slay grew up in a musical family on the gulf coast of Florida. It was a performance by Sam Bush, then with the New Grass Revival, at a small festival that grabbed six year old Slay’s attention. “My dad said that after the show I looked up at him and said, ‘I want a little guitar’ referencing Sam’s mandolin,” ...

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Den Of Ashes

Ashley Beck, a.k.a, Den of Ashes, comes from a deep tradition in music as the grandson of 1930’s to 50’s era Country & Western entertainers, John and “Texas Peggy” Clemens, know as the The Wyoming Ramblers. They toured and shared friendships with The Carter Family, Tex Ritter, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. As the musical landscape ever evolves, we see a new emergence of the Western music ...

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Front Porch Roots School

We are believers in live music and are cheerleaders for the venues in which live music is taught and performed. And we believe that local encouragement of live musical engagement is vitally important. We recently began seeing posts on our social media outlets regarding activities at a music school and performance venue in nearby Charlottesville, VA named The Front Porch. ...

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