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King Of Birds

Scottish brothers Charlie and Stirling Gorman live in a little village near Glasgow. As kids, they played in various bands and dreamed of one day making it big and finding a way out and into the big music world as stars. Then, one day in 1994 it happened. Their band, Murmur, caught the attention of a record executive. The next ...

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Hall Of Fame Bobby Messano

When Bobby Messano was 14, he was already playing guitar in clubs with guys that were in their 20s. “I wanted to be Eric Clapton and I wanted to play the Philmore East,” he recalled. “I never got to do either,” he laughed. But Bobby has been able to accomplish a few things in his legendary career as a guitarist. ...

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Jazz, Soul, Blues, and Funk

Jim Stephen’s Yellow River album release is his 4th in 36 months on Ropeadope Records. It’s a 10 song “tour-de-force” featuring music rooted deep in Jazz, Soul, Blues, and Funk. It was recorded mostly in two days at the legendary Esplanade Studios in New Orleans where Jim calls home. Jim got a late start in music, not really playing or ...

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IBMA Banjo Player Nominee

At present, Gina Furtado is most known for her banjo work with Chris Jones and the Night Drivers. That’s all about to change as she sets out this summer on a solo career with her own band. She’s as innovative with her songwriting as she is with her banjo playing. She released her debut album, True Colors, in September 2017, ...

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Singer Songwriter Maureen Toth

Singer Songwriter Maureen Toth was born and raised in Huntington Station, New York. After high school, she attended Boston University where she studied voice in her spare time, falling in love with that form of expression. She eventually ended up in Los Angeles for work, but continued to pursue her interest in music. “Soon after I started playing guitar I ...

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